Children are given opportunities to develop their senses through structured play and activities: listening and talking, reading, writing, music and dance, science experiments and mathematical concepts.

The children meet regularly with 'People Who Help Us', the post person, community police, fire personnel, shopkeepers and educators. They develop a concept of time through on going nursery routines and changes in season, which are always topic related. The children learn to care for living things and are introduced to the wonders of nature through our links with local park rangers.

With parental support, self-esteem is developed through an awareness of hygiene, diet, exercise and personal safety.

The nursery provides a vast array of expressive arts resources.The children are provided with opportunities through language and other curricular areas to express thoughts and feelings in pictures, paintings and 3D models using a variety of media and techniques.

The nursery has a puppet stage and the children use role-play during free play and drama activities. Our imaginative play area is changed to support the monthly theme. The children perform Winter, Spring and Summer celebrations incorporating all areas of expressive arts and parents and invited guests watch the production. Live theatre is experienced through funded trips by the parents committee.


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