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Healthy Eating

At Orchard Park we use ‘Setting the Table’ for guidance on meal planning.

We offer a selection of seasonal produce with our meals and snacks, while always offering insight into the reasons for choosing our ingredients.

Our menus will vary, but to give you an idea of what your child can expect to eat during a typical week, we’ve created a food schedule example:

MON Morning snack Cucumber, tomato, crackers and cheese.
Lunch Fish pie, potatoes and garden peas. Natural yoghurt
Afternoon Yogurt, apple and bananas.
TUE Morning snack Toast and butter with apples.
Lunch Tuna/cheese sandwiches and lentil soup.
Afternoon Breadsticks, cherry tomatoes and dip.
WED Morning snack Bananas and melon.
Lunch Mince and potatoes with mixed veg. Sugar free jelly.
Afternoon Cracker bread and cheese spread, apples and pears.
THUR Morning snack Banana pancakes and a selection of fruit.
Lunch Macaroni cheese and garlic bread.
Afternoon Hummus and pitta bread.
FRI Morning snack Oranges, grapes and fromage frais.
Lunch Sausage casserole with rice. Sugar free custard
Afternoon Cheese and ham wraps and carrot sticks.